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Four Hardware Mounting Options to Choose From

The Need For Traffic Calming Solutions

Over the past century, our cities and local neighborhoods have seen an explosion of vehicle use. The increased volume of vehicle use has caused roadways to be widened and straightened, and as a result, many vehicles have increased in speed. This causes degraded conditions for walking, cycling, and residents.

Traffic calming is the name for road design conditions to reduce vehicle speeds and volumes while also increasing safety for pedestrians. One of the tools planners can use to control traffic is the traffic hump.

Speed humps should be utilized in areas where you want to maintain consistent traffic flow. These traffic control solutions are ideal for areas that require vehicles to slow to 10-20 MPH. Speed humps are also an excellent solution for areas where you need a softer intrusion for emergency vehicles and other emergency response teams. Speed humps are ideal for high traffic areas, including:

  • - Residential roadways
  • - School parking lots
  • - Near stop signs
  • - Crosswalks
  • - Playgrounds
  • - Hospital grounds

Speed Hump Background & Information

Speed humps are 2.1 inches at the highest point, so they don’t require passing vehicles to slow down as much as is needed by speed bumps. They're found on residential roadways. To avoid motorist distress, the driver slows to your speed of 15-20 mph.

Originally, speed humps were developed in Great Britain and were then adopted in Europe and Australia. After extensive testing, it was found that the ideal speed hump is at least 12 feet long and over 1.5 inches tall. Speed humps were first introduced in the United States in 1979 in St. Louis and deemed safe for testing on public roads in 1983.

When Should You Use Rubber Speed Humps?

The type of traffic calming tools and strategies you should use in a given situation depends on the location, along with the volume and type of vehicle traffic in the area. Roads are classified based on the kind of service they provide. Arterial roads include highways, and urban streets require constant speeds, and this type of roadways is often where speed humps are commonly used.

Roads that link arterials to area roads are called Collector roadways, and they generally experience low and moderate speeds. Speed humps are not recommended on these types of roads due to the volume of traffic and speeds vehicles move at through their area.

Local streets are the most commonly used for speed humps because of the low amount of traffic and lower speeds vehicles travel through these sections of road. Speed humps are used on these types of roadways when the neighborhood and city believe lower vehicle speeds are needed to improve pedestrian and residential safety.

While speed humps can help reduce traffic speeds on select roads, they can’t be used in all situations. Factors like winter maintenance and emergency response vehicles should bee considered before speed humps are installed. This is because the response time of large emergency vehicles is increased when they encounter speed humps.

The implementation of speed humps should also include additional signs/pavement markings to warn motorists of their presence. This increases the overall cost for installation and planning of a given traffic calming strategy.

What Makes Traffic Safety Store Rubber Speed Humps Great?

The Traffic Safety Store offers the toughest rubber speed humps to address your traffic calming needs. If you are looking for the highest quality products to use in a range of applications of mid-intersection on roads with low speed limits. Our rubber speed humps are the perfect choice for several reasons, including:

  • - Curved Shape: The sloped design of speed humps compels cars to slow down for effective traffic calming.
  • - Puzzle Piece Design: The modular units lock together connecting units like puzzle pieces, keeping them firmly in place.
  • - Environmentally Friendly: Made of 100% recycled rubber, our humps are an eco-conscious way to protect your streets. Grants are often available to municipalities who are buying recycled products.
  • - Cost Effective: Rubber speed humps are long-lasting and removable for years of continuous use. Other solutions often require costly replacements while our hump units can simply be removed and reinstalled as necessary.
  • - Highly Visible: Reflective yellow stripes for high visibility at night and in bad weather.
  • - Simple Installation: Our speed humps are quick and easy to install by connecting the units and securing them to the road with anchors and bolts.
  • - Simple To Remove & Replace: Our speed humps can be removed for road resurfacing, snow plows, or to test the products at numerous locations.
  • - Long Lasting: The Traffic Safety Store offers tight rubber speed humps that are maintenance free and built to resist temperature fluctuations, inclement weather conditions, and ongoing vehicle traffic.

Your Trusted Source For Rubber Traffic Speed Humps

You will love your range of rubber traffic speed humps for all your traffic calming needs. We carry a variety of rubber speed humps that connect and come in a range of sizes. We have served over 10,000 customers worldwide, so you can trust that our expert staff can help you find the right speed bumps for quickly and easily.

We have improved our processes over the past 15 years to deliver better products and service while offering high-grade stock and the fastest shipping in the industry. We operate three high-volume distribution centers throughout the U.S. This allows us to ensure that you receive your equipment when you need it.

The Traffic Safety Store is the leading provider of rubber speed humps, and our industry-leading equipment helps traffic calming projects make parking lots and roadways safer for pedestrians and motorists alike. If your traffic calming project demands the highest-quality speed humps at a reasonable price, then we look forward to working with you to deliver the rubber speed humps you need today!

Environmental Benefits

Each section of recycled rubber speed hump saves 3.6 tires from going into landfills!

*Consult your local ordinances before installing on any public roads.

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