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Public Safety Vests

It doesn't matter whether you're a police officer, EMT, fire responder, or you belong to other public service industries, we know the importance of wearing high visibility vests while you're on duty. That's why our store carries a broad range of public safety vests that are ANSI 207 certified and feature tearaway points both on the waist and shoulder areas, to ensure natural movement of the wearer.

Our ANSI 207 safety vests are perfect not only for emergency and incident responders but even for law enforcement personnel as well. It allows the wearer to move quickly and be able to access the tactical equipment located in their belts without much trouble at all.

Also, unlike traditional safety vests, this variation utilizes lesser fluorescent background material or retro-reflective tape to meet the standards set by the department of public service for police, fire department, EMS, and sheriff.

What Makes These Public Safety Vests Unique?

Our public safety vests offer full protection for those who regularly deal with potentially hazardous environments. It is equipped with mic tabs on both shoulders, deep outer pockets with plastic ID pockets, and a full 5 point breakaway system with adjustable sides; allowing the wearer to adjust the vest until it fits his/her body perfectly.

Without a doubt, you'll always be fully protected and ready to face any dangerous situation.

Since these vests are classified as ANSI 207 compliance, we can say that they're different from the standard ANSI vests often used by emergency personnel and first responders. This one offers minimum visibility to meet the dress code, but a maximum design to optimize the wearer's ability to move fast.

  • Made with 100% ANSI Polyester Tricot.
  • ANSI 2047-2006 Garment Certified.
  • Features a 5 Point Breakaway System.
  • Clear plastic badge pocket.
  • Large Radio pocket.
  • 3M Scotchlite Reflective Tape for visibility purposes.
  • Mic tabs on both shoulders.
Initially, officers and paramedics only wore the standard ANSI compliant vests while in the field or performing in dangerous situations. Although it provided high visibility, it also restrained their movement and that caused uncertainty while they were performing their duties.

The tools are hung over the belts, and it's difficult to grab life-saving or self-defense tools needed for the situation. This variation was made for that purpose, as it's more functional than the traditional safety vests.

Public Safety Vests Designed For Professionals

The ANSI 207-2006 meets the practical needs of public service officials. It's considered as the new American National Standard for High Visibility vests ideal for police officers, firefighters, EMS, and others engaged in Public Safety and Dangerous Operational.

Rest assured that the vests offered in our shop would meet the needs and demands of these professionals while following the main color code requirements at the same time.


Our public safety vests were made using FR treated mesh and solid polyester. It also features an adjustable side that provides easy access to essential tools, weapons, and radios. It doesn't matter what your style is, this safety vest got you covered, as it also has mic tabs, inner radio pockets, and badge tabs. Best of all, it can be customized upon request.

Made for Dependability and Visibility

Since these safety vests were made to adequately protect public safety officers while having the assurance that they'll still be able to move quick and reach their tools and equipment with ease, rest assured that it has met all the ANSI/ISEA 207-2006 guidelines.

It's similar to the standard safety vest that has a high visibility feature, with the added benefit having a design intended for those with 'special needs' while performing their job. Some of the remarkable features this safety vest has include adjustable/breakaway velcro located on the sides and shoulders, as well as a zipper with velcro front closure.

It's also available in various colors, such as green for the EMS, red for the fire service department, and blue for law enforcement officers. Lastly, we offer custom logo printing on all our public safety vests and other apparel upon request at a very affordable price.

The Leading Supplier Of Public Safety Vests

With so many industrial and commercial applications for public safety vests, it can be difficult to understand the type of public safety vests you need for your project. The Traffic Safety Store has years of experience helping customers just like you choose the perfect public safety vest for any project or application.

Give our trusted experts a call when you are ready to find the traffic safety supplies you need. Our team will work with you to find the best solutions to your problem, and our commitment to speedy delivery will have your traffic safety products delivered to you in no time. Contact us today to learn more!

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